Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 2

Yesterday was the first day on the new job. Today was the reason for starting on Thursday - Leaders Strategic Meeting.
This meeting kicked off with the CEO's intro, a financial overview, review of new corporate mission and vision, operations review, product management market view report out and finally Q&A. This was a great way to spend the second day on the job. I got the corporate overview all in one shot.
So at the end of the first two days what have I learned:
  • Assimilation is a process like any other and it has its own timeline. Being energetic is great, but temper this with the understanding that the new job is an endurance event. You don't want to burn out too soon or be perceived as trying to change too much.
  • Smile and try to place a face with a name and function. Everyone and their roles are new to you. The faster you learn who to turn to for specific functions the sooner you will be on your way to effectiveness.
  • Before rushing to what worked at the 'old' find out the history at the 'new'. You were hired for the potential skills you bring, the current team has been employed because of the skills they have displayed. During your discovery phase you may find that what didn't work for your past positions works well at your current position. (or vice-versa) Modulating your suggestions will ensure your credibility grows with each day.
  • The theories and material I have been reading to increase my personal knowledge with is great. Now is the time to put it into practice. Reality has a way of being different than a case study.
What's next?
  • Understanding the product portfolio - how does my product line relate to the other products produced
  • Understanding the sales channel - who are the company's direct customers, who are the products end users, are the the same, if not what methods are used to get product into the end customers possession
  • Understanding the product market place and any influences that may be present
  • Finally, understanding management's expectation for me and my role, how will these expectations be measured, and what are the most pressing two or three priorities.
What other suggestions do you have for a new hire?
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